BlueFloat and Origin submit joint bid for 1.7 GW of wind in Australia

BlueFloat Energy, a leading renewable energy company, and Origin Energy, an Australian energy retailer, have joined forces to submit a joint bid for a 1.7 GW offshore wind project in Australia. The project aims to harness Australia’s vast offshore wind resources to generate clean energy and promote sustainability in the country.

BlueFloat Energy and Origin Energy have announced their partnership in bidding for a significant offshore wind project in Australia. The collaboration brings together BlueFloat’s expertise in offshore wind development and Origin Energy’s experience in the Australian energy market.

The 1.7 GW offshore wind project will contribute significantly to Australia’s energy transition efforts. It will be located off the coast of Victoria and is expected to generate clean electricity to power thousands of homes and businesses. This project aligns with Australia’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to renewable energy sources.


Offshore wind energy has gained global attention as a key solution to combat climate change and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. With its extensive coastline, Australia has enormous potential for offshore wind development. The BlueFloat and Origin partnership seeks to unlock this potential and tap into the abundant wind resources.

Insightful Analysis:

The joint bid signifies a strategic collaboration between a renewable energy developer and an energy retailer. This partnership showcases the industry’s recognition of the importance of cross-sector collaboration to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy technologies.


Q: What is BlueFloat?
A: BlueFloat Energy is a renewable energy company specializing in offshore wind development.

Q: Who is Origin Energy?
A: Origin Energy is an Australian energy retailer with expertise in the energy market.

Q: What is the offshore wind project in Australia?
A: The offshore wind project is a 1.7 GW development off the coast of Victoria, aiming to generate clean electricity.

Q: What is the goal of the joint bid?
A: The goal of the joint bid is to leverage Australia’s offshore wind resources and promote clean energy generation.

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