About us

REVE (Spanish initials that stand for Wind Energy and Electric Vehicle Magazine) is a bilingual news website of the sector with emphasis on electric vehicles. It is coordinated by José Santamarta, a veteran of the renewable energies sector, with the collaboration of the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE).

In REVE you can find the latest news not only about wind energy and other renewables in Spain, but also in over 200 countries. There are approximately 30,000 news articles in its extensive database, dating back from 2009 to today.

José Santamarta studied Philosophy, Economics and Business Administration. A pioneer of the environmental movement, he was president of the Commission for the Amazon, vice president of the European Working Group on Amazonia, a member of the board of the CBED (Coordinating Body for Environmental Defence), representative of the Climate Action Network and the World Watch Institute in Spain and served on the board of the ANPED. He worked as a consultant and in several government bodies, such as the Community of Madrid and the IDAE (Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy), and was advisor to the Ministry of Environment. Editor of several publications, he was director of World Watch and Gaia magazines. He has published books on economics, environment and energy.

The Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) is the voice of the wind energy sector in Spain. It promotes the use of wind power and defends the interests of the sector. With over 200 member companies, representing 95% of the sector in Spain, including developers, wind turbine and component manufacturers, national and regional associations, organizations linked to the industry, consultants, lawyers and financial institutions and insurers, among others. AEE coordinates research in the areas that involve wind energy and contributes to the formulation of the regulatory framework so the sector develops in the best possible conditions.