YPF Luz builds wind power plant with large wind turbines

YPF Luz provided details about the progress of the wind farm that will have the super wind turbines that arrived in the country last week.

The electrical energy arm of the flag oil company, YPF Luz, provided details of the progress of the General Levalle wind farm, which will have the super wind turbines that arrived in the country a few days ago. The engineering of the project has a high degree of progress, while the civil tasks focused on foundations, posts and buildings.

The wind farm that the company has in the works is expected to begin operating at the end of next year. It will have an installed power of 155 MW between its two stages, thanks to the largest wind turbines in the country and Latin America.

During the presentation of operational and financial results, the company detailed that the technical studies and engineering of the project are 75% complete. “We continued with geophysical/geotechnical studies, civil engineering, deep and superficial foundation engineering, electromechanical and electrical engineering,” they indicated.

It is worth noting that this status of work that the company published a few days ago was updated when September ended, at the end of the third quarter of the year. This means that, in the middle of the last quarter of the year, the work registers a more significant degree of progress than what was reported on Monday.

The wind turbine blades will have a length of more than 79 meters each.

On the construction side, work was done on platforms and foundations. “Civil tasks were carried out at the transformer substation, such as: construction of buildings, foundations for transformers and switching equipment,” they indicated. The installation of medium voltage line posts to interconnect the wind farm was also carried out.

They began cabinet activities associated with engineering preparations and supplies of critical equipment. All the bolt cages are on site and it is expected that before the end of the year the vast majority of the park’s components will arrive, which will be added to the shipment of the super generators that arrived in the country a few days ago.
What the super generators of the YPF Luz wind farm are like

The 155 MW of installed power that the complex will have will be divided into two stages. The first will have 10 wind turbines with a total installed power of 62 MW. While the second stage includes the installation of another 15 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 93 MW of power.

The small number of wind turbines compared to the total power that the park will have is explained by the model used. These are the V162 from Vestas, which have a capacity of 6.2 MW each, with blades that exceed 79 meters in length.