Brazil installs 1.6 GW of wind energy

Wind power plants generate 1.6 GW per year. In April, generation capacity grew by 593 MW.
The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) announced that in April Brazil surpassed the 3 GW mark of growth in the electricity generation matrix in 2023. Of the total, around 1.6 GW are related to wind farms (49.15% of the total) and 1.2 GW of photovoltaic solar (37.19% of the total).

In the month of April alone, a growth of 593 MW was recorded concentrated in 27 plants, 11 of which were wind (153.5 MW), eight solar photovoltaic plants (324 MW), five thermoelectric plants (85.2 MW), one small hydroelectric. (22.3 MW) and a hydroelectric plant (8 MW).
Brazil had 191,702 MW of inspected power as of May 2, according to data from Aneel’s Generation Information System (SIGA). Of this total in operation, 83.55% of the country’s electrical matrix is considered renewable.

Also according to Aneel, around 104 plants will enter commercial operation in 2023, in 15 Brazilian states. So far, Minas Gerais leads the highest result with 1 GW, followed by Rio Grande do Norte (687 MW) and Bahia (567 MW).