Maryland sets 8.5 GW offshore wind goal

Governor Moore announced that Maryland will quadruple offshore wind power from the previous goal of approximately 2 GW.

The governor said the state has plans to significantly increase its offshore wind production and prioritize wind energy associations, creating significant economic and job creation opportunities.

He also announced that the administration is working to establish new lease areas and strengthen the offshore wind supply chain in the state.

The Maryland General Assembly is set to pass the Supplemental Offshore Wind Energy Resources (POWER) Promotion Act of 2023, which also requires Maryland to increase its offshore wind generation targets to 8.5 GW, upgrade its transmission infrastructure, and provide a pathway for future offshore wind contracting in the state.

Speaking at the 2023 International Partnerships Forum in Baltimore, Governor Moore said, “Our administration is serious about offshore wind and Maryland is ready to lead.

“We need all hands on deck at this critical time so we can strengthen Maryland’s supply chain, leverage our state’s assets, and put Marylanders to work in clean energy jobs focused on logistics and manufacturing.

“If we partner, we can make Maryland the offshore wind capital of the United States.”

US Wind CEO Jeff Grybowski said: “Governor Moore’s announcement is a home run for the people of Maryland.

“He has a big, bold vision that aims to make Maryland the national leader in this new industry and create thousands of jobs in the process.

“Governor Moore is the person we need right now to achieve a clean energy future for Maryland.”

The Governor’s announcement comes on the heels of US Wind’s new partnership with Haizea Wind Group to manage and operate Sparrows Point Steel, Maryland’s first permanent offshore wind farm in Baltimore County, Maryland.

The facility will manufacture steel components for the US offshore wind industry, including monopiles and towers, while creating hundreds of jobs for local unions and minority businesses, the developer said.