China plans to double renewable energy generation by building more wind turbines, solar panels by 2025

China’s usage of renewable energy sources will surpass 50 percent in the overall energy usage increments by 2025, and wind and solar energies will be doubled over 2020, further accelerating the process of China achieving its stated carbon emissions goal, Shanghai Securities News reported on Saturday.

Li Chuangjun, director general of the Department of New Energy and Renewable Energy Sources of the National Energy Administration (NEA), said during a carbon neutrality forum held on Saturday that the construction of wind and photovoltaic power plant in northwestern desert regions will be the priority of China’s carbon emissions reduction during the 14th Five-year Plan period 2021-25.

The construction of the first group of renewable power plants with 100 million kilowatt-hours capacity has begun, said Li, noting that the electricity volume generated by renewable power sources will reach 3.3 trillion kilowatt-hours by 2025.

A total of five offshore wind turbine bases with over 10-million-kilowatt-hours generating capacity are planned to be built in the Shandong Peninsula, the Yangtze River Delta, southern part of East China’s Fujian Province, eastern part of South China’s Guangdong Province and the southern Beibu Gulf.

The overall generated power of the five offshore wind power bases is expected to hit 20 million kilowatt-hours by 2025, Li said.

Li also emphasized the need to implement relevant supportive policies including consumption certificates for renewable energy, and persistent financial support for the renewable power projects.

Global Times