Starts construction of wind farm in RS

There will be 72 wind turbines manufactured in Brazil, each weighing 1,300 tons.
Eletrosul begins implementation of 302 MW wind farms in RS. Aneel grants the guarantee and the company closes contracts for the construction of accesses, wind turbine foundations, implementation of medium voltage networks, LT and exclusive substations of the Coxilha Negra park.
Following Aneel’s approval, last Tuesday, August 23, CGT Eletrosul signed the contracts with the companies responsible for the execution of the infrastructure associated with the implementation and operation of the Coxilha Negra wind farm, to be built in Sant’Ana do Livramento ( RS). ). The total investment is R$ 2.1 billion, including the supply of wind turbines, installation of the transmission system and civil works.

The project will have an installed capacity of 302.4 MW and the completion of the first turbines is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. The energy generated will be made available in the National Interconnected System and will be sold on the free market. It is also estimated that 1,300 jobs will be created during the work.
The three plants that make up the park will bring together 72 wind turbines in an area of ??8,466 hectares. To make the project viable, approximately 100 km of new accesses will be built, in addition to the revitalization of another 56 km of roads. The units will have a unit capacity of 4.2 MW, manufactured by Weg in Brazil.

The contract also includes logistics services, assembly and commissioning, as well as operation and maintenance. Each wind turbine is 125 meters high and has a rotor diameter of 147 meters, weighing more than 1,300 tons.
Currently, CGT Eletrosul owns the Cerro Chato wind complex, made up of six farms, with 69 wind turbines in full operation and 138 MW of installed power in the Sant’Ana do Livramento Region (RS). With the next deployment, the company will reach the 440 MW mark of generation from the force of the winds.
To drain the energy, an exclusive transmission system is foreseen. There will be two lines: Coxilha Negra 2 – Livramento 3 (230 kV) and LT Coxilha Negra 2 – Coxilha Negra 3 (230 kV), with a total length of 36 km, in addition to the three-phase medium voltage underground network (34.5 kV). ) with approximately 200 km. Two new 280 MVA and 140 MVA collection substations will also be installed, in addition to the extension of Livramento 3 (Sant’Ana Transmissora).