Wind energy in Bolivia, La Ventolera wind farm in Tarija will produce 24 megawatts

The National Electricity Company (ENDE) will begin the execution of the La Ventolera Wind project, located in the municipality of Uriondo, in the department of Tarija, which will inject a power of 24 megawatts (MW) of energy into the National Interconnected System (SIN), through renewable sources.

The project is in the tender stage and will be located in an area of ??approximately three hectares, Angostura community. It consists of the installation of a group of 8 wind turbines that add a nominal power of 24 MW, which will be injected into the SIN at a voltage level of 115 kV through the implementation of a new substation, as detailed in the press release of ENDE. .

The wind energy that will be generated is an abundant and clean resource from the wind, it is constantly renewed, is inexhaustible, non-polluting and reduces the use and dependence on fossil fuels. Its efficient use contributes to sustainable development.