BNDES raises US $ 100 million to finance wind energy in Brazil

The BNDES reported that it raised, last Friday (18), US $ 100 million with the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). The funds raised will leverage support for the wind turbines of 12 wind farms in Bahía and Pernambuco. Together, they have a total installed capacity of 331.85 MW and investments that exceed R $ 2 billion.

It is estimated that more than 737 thousand Brazilian homes will have the supply of clean and renewable wind energy generated by the projects.

“With this operation, BNDES continues its strategy of diversifying financing sources and attracting resources that promote sustainable projects in Brazil,” says Finance Director, Bianca Nasser.
The product of the operation was disbursed in a single installment and has its origin in an external loan contract. The term is 12 years and is co-financed by Mizuho Bank Ltd and The Bank of Saga Ltd. This is the fifth operation carried out with JBIC under the Green Line (Global Action for Reconciling Economic Growth and Environmental Preservation).

The Green Line aims to support projects that favor the preservation of the global environment. The main objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate energy from renewable sources.

Previous collaborations with JBIC for this line were signed in 2011, 2014 and in March and December 2015. Energy cogeneration projects from biomass and wind farms were supported. With the new financing, the total resources of the Green Line reach 950 million dollars.
JBIC is a financial institution fully controlled by the Japanese government and its role is to support the stable and sustainable development of foreign countries. Furthermore, it is essential to implement the Japanese government’s economic cooperation policy. In this way, it promotes the strengthening of economic relations between Japan and the international community.