The Spanish Wind Energy Association signs an agreement with the Electricity Corporation of Ecuador

The Asociación Empresarial Eólica (AEE) and the Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador (CELEC EP) have signed an agreement to establish a framework for collaboration on issues related to technical assistance, information exchange, teaching and technical, scientific and technological cooperation in renewable energy matter.

The Framework Collaboration Agreement between Spanish Wind Energy Association and CELEC aims to promote renewable energy, and specifically, wind energy in Ecuador, both from a strategic point of view with the proposal of measures, plans and policies in the medium term to analyze the needs of the different renewable projects in the process of being processed.

CELEC EP is a strategic public company, whose objective is to guarantee electricity sovereignty and promote the development of Ecuador. It has 13 business units, 6,366 MW installed throughout the country, an energy production of 23,692 GWh per year and 6,000 km of transmission lines.

According to the document signed on August 25, the parties will draw up the necessary specific agreements. The specific agreements will contemplate the elaboration of proposals for wind development in Ecuador, which allow characterizing the resource by regions, prioritizing the sites with the greatest energy potential. Likewise, they will allow the preparation of proposals to maximize the integration of renewable projects. The agreements will also provide technical assistance to CELEC EP for updating the current regulations, related to the validation, verification and certification for wind energy installations.

During the act of signing the agreement, Gonzalo Uquillas Vallejo, general manager of CELEC EP, highlighted the importance of cooperation in the field of renewable energies, “which will allow the optimization of capacities, the development of the industry, regulatory issues and regulatory. Spain is a world leader in the development of its renewables ”.

On the other hand, Juan Virgilio Márquez, general director of AEE, highlighted the interest of his organization in working with Ecuador to take advantage of the potential of renewable energies, which represent a value chain that generates quality employment. “We are characterized by being a securities sector, we believe in a better world for the new generations and that economies develop according to their capabilities,” he concluded.