Ecuador boosts wind energy

The Electricity Corporation of Ecuador (Celec-EP) and the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) of Spain signed a cooperation agreement for a framework of collaboration in technical assistance, information exchange, teaching and technical cooperation in renewable energies, specifically wind power.
The agreement was signed this Tuesday, August 25, according to the document, the parties will draw up the specific agreements and the obligations that they will assume, for the execution of the cooperation, according to Ecuadorian legislation.
The agreements will allow the elaboration of proposals for wind development, which allows characterizing the resources by regions, prioritizing the sites with the greatest energy potential.
Proposals will also be prepared for the integration of renewable projects in the country’s hydrothermal electrical system.
They will also provide technical assistance to Celec-EP for updating current regulations, related to the validation, verification and certification for wind energy installations.
Gonzalo Uquillas, CEO (s) of Celec-EP highlighted the importance of cooperation in the field of renewable energy; “It will allow the optimization of capacities, the development of the industry, normative and regulatory issues.” He argued that for the next few years in the world a reduction of 27% in costs is expected for renewable energy solutions, especially wind and photovoltaic with storage.
“Renewable energies are important in Australia, New Zealand and Spain.” Juan Virgilio Márquez, general director of PREPA, highlighted the interest in working with Ecuador, in order to take advantage of non-conventional renewable energies, since they generate quality employment.
PREPA has about 200 associated companies, representing more than 90% of the Spanish wind power sector, which includes developers, manufacturers of wind turbines and components, national and regional associations, organizations linked to the sector, among others.