Wind energy in Ecuador, wind farm advances in Huascachaca

The construction of the Minas de Huascachaca Wind Farm (PEMH), which is located in the province of Loja, canton Saraguro, parish San Sebastián Yuluc, is an advance of 49%.

The company Electro Generadora del Austro (Elecaustro) is in charge of this work. Its manager, Antonio Borrero, last weekend completed a technical visit to this project, which will have 50 Megawatts (MW).

According to Borrero, this construction is carried out with financing from the State Bank (BDE) for $ 54,000,000 plus Elecaustro’s own resources.

This intervention includes three road platforms in Yuluc, one elevation substation in Uchucay from 34.5 to 138 kV and 15 wind turbines with a unit power of the order of 3.3 MW.

A first phase included the improvement, expansion and rectification of the access roads, from the intersection of the Girón-Pasaje road to the community of Uchucay, 6.16 kilometers (km) long.

This Sunday the 34.5 / 138 kV Siemens 40/50 MVA transformer was placed at its final destination, one of the most important pieces of equipment for this electricity generation unit.