Wind energy in Croatia, Wpd to build 120 MW wind farm

The Tekol-Teri Vucipolje wind power plant project will become the responsibility of a joint venture established by wpd europe and T. T. Energija. They revealed that the 120 MW system would be part of a 1 GW complex in border areas in Croatia and BiH.

Wpd europe and T. T. Energija have just established a joint venture to develop a wind farm project at Gracac in Croatia. The German company said the agreement is for a facility called Vucipolje, with a capacity of more than 120 MW in total.

He revealed that the wind energy project in the southern part of the country would be built in several phases. Rijeka-based engineering firm Tekol-Teri, which controls T. T. Energija, has worked on the documentation for Vucipolje so far.
Cross-border wind complex

The Adria wpd will build a wind farm system of more than 1 GW, including the planned installation, in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, according to the announcement. The locations of the power plants are near the border in Knin, Bosansko Grahovo, Glamoc and Livno.
Wpd CEO Adria Zoran Obradovi? is the chairman of the board of directors of the new firm and Matea Markanovi? became a board member on behalf of T. T. Energija

The next phase for Vucipolje is to update the documentation, the company said. Wpd CEO Adria Zoran Obradovi? was appointed chairman of the board of the joint venture and Matea Markanovi? became a board member on behalf of T. T. Energija. The two sides did not offer financial details.
More wind turbine projects under development

The German firm has so far installed nearly 100 MW at the Trtar Krtolin, Orlice, Katuni and Ponikve offshore wind farms in Croatia and agreed with Tekol-Teri last July to join and develop the Krmpote unit of up to 90 MW near Novi Vinodolski.

A year ago, wpd windmanager, based in Bremen, took over operational and technical management, administrative coordination and reporting obligations for the Jasenice wind farm near Zadar. It is also preparing to build a 100.8 MW unit in Brajici on the Montenegrin coast.

Author: Igor Todorovi?,