Wind energy in Argentina, already operates the largest San Jorge and El Mataco Wind Farm

The Management Company of the Wholesale Electricity Market (CAMMESA) authorized the Commercial Operation of the San Jorge and El Mataco Wind Farm for a power of 203.4 MW. It is one of the largest wind power projects in the country, carried out by the PCR firm (Petroquímica Comodoro Rivadavia S.A.).

PCR managed to start the commercial operation 6 months before the committed contractual term. In this way, the period of supplying the renewable source electric energy contracted by CAMMESA has begun for a period of 20 years, at a price of USD40.27 / MWh.
The wind farm has 51 Vestas wind turbines, of which 24 are of 4.2 MW of power with 130 m of hub height and 27 of 3.8 MW and 126 m of hub height. The wind energy project exceeds 95% of national content with wind turbines assembled in Argentina and the main electrical equipment of the national industry. The wind farm is located along 7,500 hectares in the town of Tornquist, in the south of the province of Buenos Aires.
The force of the wind power: how is the wind farm that generates energy to make 40 trucks in one hour

PCR has a renewable energy team in charge of planning, developing and executing projects in the country, Argentina being one of the countries with the greatest potential in clean and sustainable wind and photovoltaic resources. The project has been completed on time and in line with the approved budget.

The development of this wind farm has as environmental benefits:

• Provide electrical energy to around 200,000 homes.

• Avoid the emission of greenhouse gases, punctually it avoids the emission of 480,000 tons of CO2 / year, which is equivalent to what 175,000 cars / year emit, or what a 1,000 hectare forest absorbs or what 700,000 people / year emit in their houses

• It is compatible with the pre-existing activities of the livestock and agriculture site.

• Contributes to the mitigation of climate change in addition to improving the country’s energy matrix.

With the entry into operation of the San Jorge and El Mataco wind farms, there are already 3 wind farms that the company has in operation, raising its installed capacity to 329.4 MW and becoming one of the largest wind energy operators in Argentina.