Know The History And Objective of the Day That Highlights the Power of Wind Energy

The World Wind Day event is celebrated worldwide in more than 80 countries annually. World Wind Day aims to refocus on how wind power can change the world.
It is an annual world event that is celebrated with great enthusiasm and great hope. The celebration of World Wind Day is celebrating the advantages of wind energy and educating people about the power and infinite potential of wind energy. There is a lot to discover when it comes to World Wind Day 2020: its date, history, purpose and importance.

When is World Wind Day 2020 celebrated and what is its history?

World Wind Day, as every year, will be observed on June 15 of this year, which will fall on Monday. The first celebration of World Wind Day took place for the first time in Europe in 2007. However, in just a couple of years, the event was observed globally in 2009.

What is the history of World Wind Day?

World Wind Day is organized by the organizations of the World Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and WindEurope (WE). The importance and popularity of the event have been strengthening since its inception. To explain it in numbers, World Wind Day was celebrated in 30 countries in 2011. The number has now grown to 80 countries according to the latest data.

What is the objective and importance of World Wind Day?

There are multiple goals to celebrate World Wind Day. Its objective is to educate children and adults about the power that wind energy uses with wind turbines. It disseminates information about the benefits of wind power, and how it is profitable and competitive when compared to its substitutes. Wind energy is considered one of the cleanest and most renewable energy sources. It is also much cheaper, in some circumstances, compared to others. Wind power helps reduce CO2 emissions, which ultimately helps to have cleaner air around you.

Not forgetting, with the changing times and advanced technologies of wind turbines, wind power generation technology has improved over the years, making it one of the most competitive energy sources. Many people ask “why wind power?” However, looking at its meaning, the answer is “why not?”.

Several events take place before World Wind Day. Plus, there are even more events on the main celebration day. There are workshops, seminars, educational tours, etc., organized to show the power and potential of wind energy. As June 15 approaches, we wish you a very “Happy World Wind Day 2020”.