Wind energy in Vietnam, Enercon wind turbines for 310 MW wind farm

ENERCON continues to expand its activities in Vietnam. In addition to the 90 MW already set to be installed this year, the company has signed to implement another 310 MW of wind power project orders in the South East Asian country by the end of 2021. The contracts cover the supply of 74 E-138 EP3 E2/4.2 MW wind turbines, spread across six wind energy projects.
‘We are pleased that our customers are putting their trust in us by placing these additional orders’, says Steffen Brauns, Regional Manager for Asia-Pacific at ENERCON Sales International. ‘Since entering the market in Vietnam in 2018, ENERCON has proven itself as a consistently reliable partner with high quality standards. That has paid off.’

ENERCON has been continuously expanding its presence in Vietnam – which is one of the company’s new international core markets – since it entered the market in 2018. The demand for wind energy is high and the political framework conditions are favourable. Until October 2021, wind energy projects in Vietnam will receive a higher feed-in tariff. Wind energy operators and owners want to make the most of this provision.

However, ENERCON also sees positive prospects in Vietnam for the years after 2021: ‘Even after the added subsidies for wind energy run out in 2021, the favourable political framework conditions for renewable energy sources in general and for wind energy in particular can still be expected to continue’, says Steffen Brauns. ‘We are already conducting positive talks with customers on cooperation in projects after 2021.’

In April, ENERCON completed the construction of Asia’s first EP3 wind farm – with an installed capacity of 64 MW – in the Vietnamese province of Ninh Thuan. After the first six wind energy converters were installed last year, another ten E-126 EP3 WECs were added in the first few months of this year. On top of this, ENERCON is also preparing to construct another wind farm in the same province together with its biggest Vietnamese customer TRUNGNAM GROUP. 12 E-126 EP3 WECs will be installed there in the summer. At the same time, ENERCON is broadening its infrastructure in Vietnam: the country’s branch in Ho Chi Minh City will be expanded in April. In addition, a nationwide service network will be set up to ensure optimum technical availability of the WECs for the duration of the customers’ power feed contracts.