Greek wind energy, Goldwind’s wind turbines for wind farm

Goldwind, in joint hand with its European holding subsidiary Vensys Energy AG, is proud to announce a successful entry into the Greek wind energy market. Recently, the first two orders have been signed for two wind power projects both located in Viotia, Central Greece.

Respectively, Goldwind will provide these two wind farms with GW 121-2.625MW and GW 140-3.0MW wind turbines based on Goldwind’s 2.5S- and 3S-platforms. The wind power two projects are expected to achieve commercial operation by the end of this year.

On top of its economic recovery over the past years, Greece is also located at the critical juncture of the international trade route as part of the Belt and Road initiative. The market is expecting an increasing foreign investment in, most notably, renewable energy sector.

Greece has not only a good market potential in solar and wind energy, but also the demand of island-oriented micro-grid solutions, in addition to its sustainable renewable energy development policy and supporting mechanism.

This first step marks just the beginning of Goldwind’s journey in Greece, which also delivers Goldwind’s mission “Innovating for A Brighter Tomorrow” to the greater Eurasia continent.