Two wind energy projects approved in La Guajira

After several months of processing, the approval of the environmental license for the development of wind power projects in La Guajira was finally achieved.

This news was produced today to celebrate World Energy Day. The wind farm will be located in the municipality of Maicao and will operate with 45 wind turbines, which will provide an installed capacity of 200 megawatts. The wind energy project covers an area of more than six thousand hectares, about 26 kilometers from the town center of Maicao.

According to the National Environmental Licensing Authority, this project adds to five others that have had approval in the departments of Cesar and Santander. There are three wind farms and three solar power plants, which contribute 68.6% to the goal of the national government of 1,500 megawatts for this four year period.

This wind energy guarantees supply where it is missing and will be much cheaper and less polluting than the current one.