Clean energies are the energy future of Ecuador

Renewable energies such as wind and solar thermal energy are those that produce or obtain energy with minimal or no ecological impact on the environment, during its extraction and generation processes.
There are different natural sources for the generation of energy, the most used are: hydraulics, which produces energy thanks to the movement of water, wind power thanks to wind, solar to the sun (photovoltaic and solar thermal or Concentrated Solar Power) and geothermal to the internal heat of our planet.
In Ecuador it is an important issue and of great concern due to the high social costs, as well as the environmental costs associated with the generation and consumption of conventional energy from fossil fuels.
In Ecuador the emblematic projects of energy generation by unconventional sources are: San Cristóbal Wind farm and Villonaco Wind farm.

The first one began operations on October 1, 2007, is located in Galapagos and is in charge of ELECGALÁPAGOS SA, has supplied the total accumulated amount of more than 26 million kWh, so it is economically and financially sustainable, with an approximate total turnover of $ 3.4 million during the 2007-2015 period, according to the report.
As for the Villonaco Wind Farm, located in the Loja canton, with Goldwind wind turbines, it has been operating normally and continuously since January 2, 2013, it contributes to the National Interconnected System (SNI), a net energy of 452.33 GWh since its entry into operation, reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 38 thousand tons / year.
It has received international recognition, for having exceeded its generation potential, this recognition is based on the result of the Goldwind technical report.
These projects share prominence with conventional energy, however, it is of great importance to promote the use of clean energy, through public-private partnerships for the construction, operation and maintenance of new projects that contribute to the country’s energy development.