Wind Farm Gvozd will Operate with 13 Wind-Turbines in Montenegro

The power of the future wind farm Gvozd, worth 58 million EUR, will be 55 megawatts and, according to the estimates, it will have 13 windturbines.

The Gvozd wind farm will be located on a very complex terrain and it will be an extension of Krnovo wind farm, which is already functioning well.

The terrain has good predispositions for the successful functioning of the wind farm. According to Fichtner, the final configuration will encompass 13 wind turbines.

Shareholders in the state energy company supported the decision on the construction of the Gvozd wind farm. Executive manager of the Directorate for Development and Engineering in the Electric Power Company of Montenegro Ivan Mrvaljevi? said that development of the Study on the potential of wind energy production assessment, and the Study on the market and business model of Gvozd wind farm had been carried out before the investment decision.

“After the contract on joint development of the project is inked, property and legal affairs will be settled. Geological and research activities, development of technical documentation and negotiations on financing are planned for the next year,” pointed out Ivan Mrvaljevi?.

Aljoša Drobnjak,