Taiwan president promotes wind energy

Three years ago, Taiwan started to transform its energy policies from its lowest point to reach a situation where there are no energy shortages, President Tsai Ing-wen said Saturday (October 12).

She was speaking at the launch of the first Taiwanese-made foundation pin piles for offshore wind energy at the Port of Taipei in Bali, New Taipei City, the Central News Agency reported.

Wind power would allow Taiwan to make money from all over the world, Tsai told her audience. She compared wind energy and other green energy sources to the country’s high-speed rail system. Initially, there was a lot of criticism and fears about failure, but in the end, everyone praised and used the system, she said.

Her administration will continue to upgrade the Taiwanese economy with its emphasis on green energy, making good use of three unique opportunities, the president said.

By 2025, when Taiwan goes nuclear-free, green energy would account for at least 20 percent of domestic energy needs, Tsai emphasized. Secondly, all elements of the offshore wind energy production chain could be manufactured in Taiwan by local companies.

Finally, green energy would provide jobs, with the Taipei Harbor project directly and indirectly resulting in 300 to 500 jobs with wages higher than the average salary, she said.