Oaxaca among the states with the greatest wind energy potential in Mexico

As of 2018, Mexico has an installed wind power capacity of 4,935 MW with 54 wind farms and 2,447 wind turbines, and by 2019, ten wind farms with an installed capacity of 800 to 1,200 MW will be added. Currently, Mexico has a world level as one of the countries with the greatest potential for wind power for electricity generation: it has a wind energy potential estimated at 71,000 MW (megawatts) of power.
The states of Oaxaca, Yucatán and Tamaulipas have registered wind speeds greater than 8 m / s and plant factors close to 45 percent (understood as the ratio between the actual energy generated by a power plant, wind, solar, concentrated solar power, photovoltaic, thermal or other, and the energy generated if I had worked at one hundred percent); the above, the conversions in the areas with the greatest wind potential in Mexico.

In order to carry out the energy transition process and fulfill the objectives, in the Energy Transition Law there are strategies, programs, measures and public policies for the challenges and the achievement of the increase in the production of renewable energies and achieve the established goals.

In particular for wind power, in 2017 the technological route map was drawn, with the analysis of national conditions, to go from 4.9 GW (gigawatts) of installed power in 2018, to 14 GW by the year 2024 and 21 GW for the year 2030.

The strategic and enabling actions include: 1) developing technological solutions for the optimization of the operation and maintenance of wind power plants, 2) training competent specialists (trained and certified) to design, install, operate and maintain the plants wind farms, and 3) promote national supply chains focused on component manufacturing and provision of specialized services for wind projects.

Therefore, an excellent potential market is predicted for large capacity energy and that has to do with the maintenance of wind farms, including training of specialists, while for small and medium capacity energy is the development of wind turbines for distributed energy.