Wind Energy Project Management in the Dominican Republic

SÓLIDA Energías Renovables is awarded a new Project Management contract and construction supervision of a wind farm in the Dominican Republic.

The Spanish engineering company will develop its work in the Los Guzmancito wind farm in Puerto Plata, thus consolidating its firm commitment to continue leading this type of services in the Caribbean country, where it has been working for several years.

With an investment of more than 100 million dollars, the Los Guzmancito wind farm is one of the renewable projects that will begin operations in the coming months in the Dominican Republic. It will install 16 Vestas V160 wind turbines of 3.6 MW and 132 meters high hub.

With the quite advanced works, SOLID has been relied on to provide technical support in the most critical phase of the wind energy project: the assembly and commissioning of wind turbines.

The SOLÓIDA team will be led by a Project Manager with numerous wind farms behind them, who will advise the technical direction of the project, managing the different open fronts and seeking to solve the critical paths that guarantee the fulfillment of the milestones of the contract with the supplier of wind turbines. In addition, it will coordinate the activities of the rest of the team of supervisors that SOLID will move to the field and will be formed by several senior technicians specialized in wind turbine assembly and commissioning, as well as a Health and Safety coordinator.

The scope of SOLID’s work is aimed at the success in the construction and assembly of the wind farm in terms of terms, quality, safety and costs for the property.

This new contract involves the consolidation of the Spanish company in the country, where it has been serving promoters and EPCistas for several years. Special mention deserves its recent work in the 34 MW Matafongo wind farm, which will be officially inaugurated in the coming days, and where SOLID assumed the direction of a project in which, for the first time, in the absence of an integrating EPCista, they participated only three Dominican contractors.

But in addition to wind power, SOLID is also providing engineering services for the optimization of future photovoltaic plants, as well as due diligence for asset buying and selling processes.

In fact, of the 12 new provisional concessions granted by the National Energy Commission and which will involve an investment of more than 900 million dollars on the island, eight are projects with photovoltaic technology.

SÓLIDA is an independent company founded in 2007 with headquarters in Madrid that offers engineering and consulting services with high added value in the renewable energy sector (PV, solar thermal CSP, wind, biomass) and its electrical evacuation infrastructure. Accumulate an experience of more than 50,000 MW in about 50 countries and has subsidiaries in Brazil, Chile and Argentina.