Wind turbine threat to birds a falsehood

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has joined a host of engineering and business organisations plus the National Farmers’ Union and the environmental campaign group 10:10 Climate Action in writing an open letter (August 5) to the new energy minister Kwasi Kwarteng.

This letter calls for Government support for new onshore wind farms to help the country meet its net zero emissions target, highlighting the role that cheap onshore wind power can play in meeting the government’s net zero target at lowest cost to consumer.

Furthermore, here is a direct quote from the RSPB website ( “Wind power has a significant role to play in the UK’s fight against climate change and we will work with Government and developers to ensure this outcome.”

And then, just below, “Climate change poses the single greatest long-term threat to birds and other wildlife, and the RSPB recognises the essential role of renewable energy in addressing this problem.”