Chile has great potential to exploit wind energy

The benefits of wind energy stand out for excluding any type of pollution. That is, they are energies that do not generate waste. Within this category is wind power, which in Chile has had significant growth.

For some time now, Chile has been identified as one of the most attractive countries to develop renewable energy electrical projects. To date, 25 wind turbines are already built, while 33 will be built before December and the remaining three are estimated to be completed during 2020.

The geography of Chile has great potential to exploit wind energy. However, none of this is random, given the policies implemented by the Government, investment in wind and photovoltaic energy has accelerated, even reaching the goal of 20% of non-conventional renewable energy before the objective set by law of 2025 .

Chile today has a potential to develop renewable and sustainable energy, but it is essential that the Government enhance this kind of investment. Only in this way, will we achieve that the country acquires a leading role in the international environmental area, corroborating the commitment to avoid climate change and deliver a better quality of life to all current and future Chileans.