Wind energy in Tornquist: Wind turbines for wind farms move from the port of Bahia

Wind turbines components destined for two wind farms that are built in the Tornquist party were transferred through a logistics operation from the port of Bahía Blanca, the Port Management Consortium (Cgpbb) said in a statement.
The operations were carried out in the Franca sub-area of ??Puerto Galván with the transfer of a set of blades and different elements destined to the “El Mataco” wind farm, located 45 kilometers from Bahía Blanca and in the Tornquist party.

“From Puerto Galván, the components were moved in a logistics operation integrated by the National Road Safety Agency together with Urban Transit personnel of the commune,” he said.

The transfer was made to the roundabout located on National Route 3 and former Sesquicentennial road, and then continue to National Route 33 to the wind farm belonging to the Luz de Tres Picos company that depends on Petroquímica Comodoro Rivadavia.

The works of the “El Mataco” wind farm are carried out alongside those of the “San Jorge”, which are on both sides of the national route 33, at kilometer 44.

“Those parks will have 51 wind turbines that will produce a power close to 200 megawatts,” the sources added.
The works on site include the assembly and service platforms of wind turbines, internal roads, operation, maintenance and access buildings as well as an installation and laying of a medium voltage network, among other works.