Wind energy powers opportunity in rural America

Our main event for today is at the Iowa State Fair, where candidates for the 2020 Democratic nomination for President will be signing a real wind turbine blade. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington, who proclaimed this week #AmericanWeekWeek in his home state, was one of the candidates who signed the blade, alongside AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan.

Wind powers opportunity in rural America

Wind powering opportunity across rural America is our Day 1 #AmericanWindWeek theme. In fact, over 99 percent of wind projects are built in rural America. Rural areas have seen some of the biggest benefits wind brings because wind projects pay over $1 billion in state and local taxes and landowner lease payments every year. That’s crucial new income that helps rural communities invest in schools, fix roads and fund emergency services. Many of the country’s 114,000 wind jobs are located in rural America as well, which provides young people with rewarding careers without having to leave home– wind is diversifying rural America’s economy.

States like Texas and Iowa have seen huge increases in local revenue from wind projects.

#AmericanWindWeek is officially underway. Check out some highlights from this weekend, in particular from the Iowa State Fair, where some notable faces are signing a full-size wind turbine blade. Make sure to check back in for more updates all week long!

Hunter Hollander