Wind power in Mexico: The seventh wind farm will be inaugurated in Reynosa

With a total of 50 wind turbines to produce wind energy, they will be inaugurating the seventh wind farm in Reynosa.

At the state level there are fifteen wind farms and in this border town it will be the second that works.

It was announced that the wind power project began to be built since January 2018, with an investment of 120 million dollars from the private initiative.

This energy resource will be favoring maquila companies, businesses and a large part of the general population.

The inauguration of the wind farm in this border city will be this Monday, May 20 of the current year, with the presence of authorities of the three levels of government.

“The work was in process for more than a year, this project will reinforce all that is already generated in the city, here we have found good weather conditions for this type of energy to be produced,” said Constantino Castillo Hinojosa, president of the International Energy Cluster.

The wind turbines will be located in a rural area near the El Becerro Breccia in Reynosa, under the name of “Salitrillos”.