Enercon surpasses 4 GW of wind energy mark in France

Enercon has passed the 4 gigawatt mark of installed wind power in France. This wind turbines installation milestone was reached during the ‘La Montagne II’ wind farm in Guadeloupe. Enercon has installed 8 E-44/900 kW wind turbines for the wind farm in the French overseas territory in the Caribbean.
Peter Schuster, Director of Enercon France, is delighted with the number of installations: ‘We are thrilled with this accomplishment and are proud of our team, who have all been involved in this success starting right back in 2003’.

France is currently the most important export market for Enercon. The company has been active in the country since 2003, and has installed around 2,000 wind energy converters there since then. With more than 850 employees in the Sales, Project Management and Service divisions, ENERCON is now one of the biggest renewable energy companies in France. It has a market share of 25 percent (based on the installed power in 2018).

In the future, ENERCON will continue its involvement in France and will make a significant contribution to expanding renewable energies, confirms Peter Schuster: ‘For us, reaching 4 gigawatts is an important interim step on the way to implementing the energy transition in France. The country still offers considerable potential for onshore wind energy and has ambitious renewable energy targets, so we will not waver in our commitment there.’

ENERCON is installing the E-44 WECs which led to the achievement of the 4 gigawatt milestone in the course of a repowering project for the customer Quadran Groupe Direct Energie, subsidiary of Total. They replace 35 legacy WECs in the wind farm. Despite the reduction in the number of WECs by factor 4, the new wind turbines will enable a triplication of the wind farm capacity and the energy yield to be multiplied.