ENI to build wind power plant in Kazakhstan

Kazakh Invest company renders consulting and organizational support for the implementation of the investment wind farm project. Italian investors reviewed a 400 hectare-land plot allocated for the construction of the wind power plant. According to the schedule, wind power plant is expected to be commissioned in December 2019.

This project was included by the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan in the list of energy producing organizations using renewable energy sources.

Presently, the share of wind energy and solar energy in Kazakhstan’s general energy balance is 1 percent. At the same time, 12 percent of the total electricity in Kazakhstan is generated from water energy. Nevertheless, Kazakhstan is ready to increase the share of electricity production through wind power plants and solar panels to 3 percent by 2020.
Representatives of ENI International B.V. paid a visit to Kargaly district of Kazakhstan’s Aktobe region, Kapital.kz reported citing Kazakh Invest national company.

The construction of a 50 MW wind power plant will be launched in Badamsha village at the end of 2018.