Suzlon Commissions 35 MW Wind Power in Brazil

Suzlon Group has successfully completed installing and commissioning of over 350 MW wind energy in Brazil over a period of 16 months ending November 2014 with bulk of 309 MW being added in Calendar Year 2014. This combined capacity includes projects located in the high wind states of Rio Grande do Norte & Ceara in Brazil.



The installations consist of 150 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) of Suzlon’s proven S9X product series – S95 & S97 and 18 WTGs of Suzlon work-horse of S88, both with a rated capacity of 2.1 MW.

Speaking on the project completion, Tulsi Tanti, Chairman of Suzlon Group said, “The successful completion of projects in Brazil bears testimony to Suzlon’s value proposition and our customer’s confidence and trust in our end to end solutions. We remain focused on high growth & emerging markets and Brazil is a key geography of our growth strategy. Suzlon is committed to contribute to Brazil’s energy basket by reducing its carbon footprint and bridging the country’s power needs.”

Suzlon’s machines across various wind farms in Brazil have delivered the highest Capacity Factor in Brazil over the years. According to Operador Nacional do Sistema Electrico (ONS), Brazil’s national grid operator, amongst the top ten Wind Farms for the period Dec 2013 to Nov 2014, the first five slots and the eighth rank has been awarded to the Wind Farms with Suzlon machines.

Suzlon entered the Brazilian market in 2008 and has since created a cumulative installed capacity of approximately 750 MW. The earlier projects of approximately 400 MW are also located in the wind resource – rich state Ceara, Brazil. Suzlon was amongst the few global wind energy players to identify and harness Brazil’s wind energy potential which was at a nascent stage in 2008.