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Wind energy, solar power capacity catching up with nuclear power

Advocates of nuclear energy have long been predicting its renaissance, yet this mode of producing electricity has been stalled for years. Renewable energy, by contrast, continues to expand rapidly, even if it still has a long way to go to catch up with fossil fuel power plants, writes Worldwatch Institute Senior Researcher Michael Renner in […]

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Pattern Energy Signs PPA Deals for Wind Energy and Solar Power

Pattern Energy Group LP, the closely held developer associated with Pattern Energy Group Inc., has signed a 20-year power purchase agreement for a wind farm in Ontario. The 100-megawatt Belle River project is the fifth Pattern Energy is building in Ontario with Samsung Electronics Co.’s renewables unit, the San Francisco-based developer said today in a […]

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EREC report Hat-trick 2030

Toshiba, Mitsui Complete 56 MW Wind Power and Solar Energy Plant in Japan

Toshiba Corp., Mitsui & Co. and partners completed a power station in central Japan that combines solar power and wind energy technologies. The Aichi prefecture plant, with 50 megawatts of solar capacity and 6 megawatts of wind, will start operations tomorrow, the companies said in a statement today. Six other companies are taking part in […]

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AMSC Announces New D-VAR(R) System Wind Energy Contracts in Canada, United Kingdom, and United States

AMSC (Nasdaq:AMSC), a global solutions provider serving wind and power grid industry leaders, today announced three new D-VAR® STATCOM contracts in Canada, United Kingdom, and United States. The D-VAR systems in the United Kingdom and United States will be used to meet grid interconnection standards and safely and efficiently connect renewable energy generation plants to […]

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IEA: Solar energy, PV and Concentrated Solar Power, could dominate electricity by 2050

According to the roadmap, it could hit 1,000 GW of concentrated solar power (CSP) capacity, up from 4 GW today by 2050.     Since 2010, generation of solar thermal electricity (STE) from concentrated solar power (CSP) plants has grown strongly worldwide.  Concentrating solar plants (CSP) generate solar thermal electricity (STE) while producing no greenhouse […]

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Schwacher Wind, starker Ertrag: Neue Siemens D3-Windturbine /  Low wind speeds, high energy yield: Siemens' new D3-series wind turbine

Outokumpu’s duplex reaches new heights in wind power towers

Finnish hollow stainless steel section manufacturer Stalatube has selected Outokumpu’s duplex stainless steel as one of the main construction material for its new StalaWind wind power towers. Duplex stainless steel is a strong and durable material, which provides very good features in this demanding application. Says Markku Koponen, Director of Stalatube’s Energy Sector: “The turbine […]

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EDC set to start operation of Burgos wind power in Philippines

Renewable energy producer Energy Development Corp. expects to start the testing and commissioning of the 150-megawatt Burgos wind power project in Ilocos Norte within the year, a company official said over the weekend. EDC is considering expanding its recently-commissioned 49.4-megawatt (MW) geothermal power plant in Negros Oriental.   “For the Burgos wind power, it’s more […]

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Pakistan wind energy

Germany urged to invest in solar power, wind energy in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Germany Syed Hasan Javed has said that the relatively unused potentials of solar and wind energy in Pakistan offer excellent  opportunities to German companies to develop bilateral business activities based on competitiveness, expertise, technical know-how and product delivery in the areas of solar and wind energy. He was addressing to the participants […]

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Brazil has created a unique energy matrix to fulfill its ever-growing energy needs

In the near future Brazil will remain South America’s economic engine, as can be seen by the country’s current economic surges. Many of Brazil’s recent economic successes have been closely related to energy developments, as well as the country’s unique energy infrastructure. This matrix includes a strong presence of renewable sources, particularly sugarcane and hydropower […]

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