Mexico must return to being a leader in wind energy

President López Obrador’s energy policy has made the development of wind energy in the country practically irrelevant.
Everyone already knows that this six-year period was not the best for the world of energy; Those years in which the oil rounds were an example of the great interest of international companies in operating in our country are in the past, as was the case with the issue of wind energy.

And six years ago Mexico occupied second place in the Latin American wind market, behind Brazil; However, the energy policy of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has now made the development of this technology in the country practically irrelevant.

And the data from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) Latin America, whose presidency is Ramón Fiestas, shows that in the best years wind development in Mexico was on the order of 1,200 MW per year, but in 2023 it will only They reached 96 MW, a resounding drop.
Although 117 GW of new wind energy capacity was installed globally, its highest level in history, Mexico did not make a significant contribution.
The 96 MW installed during 2023 in the country were 39.2 percent lower than those observed in 2022, according to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

And all of this, effectively, as you have imagined, is due to the lack of understanding of everything that had been done on this issue in previous six-year terms, and an important part of this decrease was due to the fact that the mechanisms for allocation of resources were cut. new renewable energy capacity, as were the tenders.

What was able to be connected in the last four or five years was capacity that came from tenders from previous legislatures, in addition the regulatory environment harmed the entry into force and the delivery into operation of many facilities, so our country, being in the first levels and competing with the Brazilian giant, became totally irrelevant on the subject.

Be careful, this setback already has other impacts, such as the fact that Mexico is not able to meet the objectives signed in the Paris Agreement, since in order to achieve this it will need to triple its installed capacity in renewable energy by 2030.

It seems difficult to achieve it, because it is estimated that our country would have to invest more than 20 billion dollars, but what is required is will, since experts assure that there are opportunities to obtain the resource.

Hopefully the ‘enviable’ geographical location, with more than 8 thousand kilometers of coastline that allows a variety of wind projects to be installed throughout the country, can be seen as an opportunity by the next federal administration.