BW Ideol launches its updated design of floating platform for 15 MW+ wind turbines

During the Floating Offshore Wind Turbines (FOWT) event held recently in Marseille, BW Ideol unveiled the update of its floating platform called Damping Pool. It is a barge-type platform made of concrete.

This platform has been in operation since 2018 with two prototypes in France and Japan, and now it’s being updated to accommodate 15 MW+ wind turbines. Additionally, BW Ideol is currently constructing a pilot project (Eolmed) in France with a capacity of 30 MW, including 3 units of its foundation for V164-10.0 MW wind turbines, which is expected to be commissioned later this year.

According to BW Ideol’s website, the new platform comes in 3 classes adapted to different environmental conditions. The advantages of this platform include limited dimensions (54 meters, presumably in length and width) and shallow draft, less than 12 meters when operational.

Along with the platform, BW Ideol has also introduced a manufacturing process described as “easily scalable and replicable in multiple port infrastructures.”

A few months ago, we discussed how BW Ideol CEO Paul de la Guérivièr pointed out that concrete is the only way forward for large-scale European floating wind energy.

Sergio Fdez Munguía,