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Hydropower and Geothermal Energy Growth Slows

Hydropower, one of the oldest renewable energy technologies still in use today, remains on top, with an installed capacity roughly 2.5 times greater than all other renewable sources combined. Worldwide, hydropower accounts for 15 percent of energy production. Though cost-efficient, reliable, and versatile, hydropower is not without its share of controversy, as many large-scale projects […]

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Egypt on Solar Energy World Map

Egypt receives annually 2,400 hrs of solar operation with high intensity of solar radiation equivalent to 2,600 KWh/m2.   Egyptian electricity consumption statistics show that Cairo is among the world’s most lively and brightly lit cities, with extremely high levels of energy consumed for lighting up households and streets. The required levels of energy often […]

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CSP, Solana

Protermosolar: CSP Spanish companies involved in 64% of the solar thermal power projects in the world

The business association Protermosolar indicates that 82% of the cumulative installed concentrated solar power in the world, of 2,580 megawatts (MW) in 2012, is marked Spain, while 73% are owned by Spanish CSP developers. The Spanish companies are involved in 64% of concentrating solar projects in development or construction worldwide, and have a presence in […]

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Ivanpah concentrated solar power plant passes its first functional test

The 377-megawatt Ivanpah solar thermal power plant achieved a milestone in its development recently, something called the “first flux.” According to Mike Bobinecz, VP Construction Management, BrightSource Energy, “first flux” essentially demonstrates that the plant is ready for operation. Bechtel Corporation, the company constructing the plant is finally at the last stage, where it starts […]

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photovoltaic fabric

University of Massachusetts to help Army develop photovoltaic fabric for tents and backpacks

Photovoltaic textiles work at U-Mass Dartmouth using nanomaterials seeks to package advanced functions at the molecular level for photovoltaics, fuel cells, and batteries. One example of this kind of photovoltaic fabric could involve a tent with fabric that captures and converts solar energy into usable electricity. U-Mass Dartmouth also has a grant to work with […]

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India: Solar photovoltaic rooftops to generate solar energy in 120 police stations

The Punjab government has initiated a programme to install rooftop photovoltaic solar systems in 120 police stations across the state for power generation. Bikram Singh Majithia, non-conventional energy minister, said on Friday that Punjab Energy Development Authority (PEDA) would soon embark on the programme for installation in order to increase usage and popularise solar photovoltaic […]

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geothermal energy


The world focuses increasingly on geothermal energy, with 454 ongoing projects in 64 countries. Enel Green Power confirms its leadership in Italy and in the world with projects in the USA and Chile. Over the last few years the number of countries that has focused on geothermal energy as an important source for energy generation […]

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