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IHS estimates that 40–42 GW of solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity will be installed globally in 2014. This would represent a 15% increase over 2013 levels but is a lower estimate than has been given by other analysts.   Citing its Solar PV Demand Tracker, IHS warns of several risks, including an “increasingly likely” boom-and-bust cycle […]

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Exosun and Exo

Recently inaugurated at CEA, the MICROSOL pilot plant demonstrates Exosun and Exoès’ ability to offer a 24-hour renewable energy solution. The MICROSOL project pilot plant was inaugurated yesterday on the premises of the CEA (Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission) in Cadarache, France. MICROSOL is a government-funded project aimed at providing isolated populations with electricity […]

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Concentrated Solar Power BrightSource Energy Names David Ramm as New CEO

Experienced energy executive will guide company’s increased focus on international markets for concentrating solar thermal power technology (CSP). BrightSource Energy, Inc., a leading provider of concentrating solar thermal technology (CSP), announced today that its Board of Directors has named David Ramm to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Ramm previously served as Executive Chairman […]

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soitec cpv

Concentrated solar photovoltaic power (CPV) plant to deliver 22 MW in South Africa

South Africa’s largest concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar plant will be connected to the grid next month, supplying 22 megawatt-peak (MWp) of electricity to Eskom, enough to power approximately 5 000 homes. The 44MWp CPV plant developed by French company Soitec in Touws River, Western Cape, will be the largest in the Western world, overtaking Colorado’s […]

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Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Stirling-engine Developer Qnergy Acquires Infinia

Qnergy, an Israeli-based Stirling engine manufacturer and its U.S affiliate, has acquired the assets of US-based Infinia Corporation Inc. located in Ogden, Utah. Qnergy plans to integrate the core technologies and know-how of both companies in order to commence mass production of Stirling engines for various applications within the coming twelve months. Qnergy ( was […]

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Energy Storage-SolarReserve.jpg

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Energy Storage Race

Right now the only alternative to Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology is PV with battery storage, which is not very feasible for large-scale storage. writing essays services Companies and engineers worldwide are pursuing grid-scale energy storage technology that would allow distributed renewable energy sources to easily and efficiently feed electricity into centralized power grids. Once […]

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Renewable Power Generation

Lahmeyer International’s latest REMIPEG update (covering 2012 installations of renewable power capacity) concludes that new additions of renewable power capacity totalled 112GW in 2012, taking global cumulative installed renewable electricity capacity to 1,592GW – with an estimated annual power generation output of 4547-4811TWh a year (See download section opposite for additional charts). Over the past […]

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China continues its dominance of the global hydropower market

WITH 30GW of new capacity installed during 2012, global cumulative hydropower capacity jumped to 1127GW by the year-end, providing an estimated 3524TWh of electricity generation annually. Thus, this technology is still by far the one with the highest cumulated installed capacity among renewable energy sources. Summary of the global hydropower market, region by region, end […]

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Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) – How it Works

Concentrating solar power plants produce electric power by converting the sun’s energy into high-temperature heat using various mirror configurations. The heat is then channelled through a conventional generator. Concentrating solar power plants produce electric power by converting the sun’s energy into high-temperature heat using various mirror configurations. The heat is then channelled through a conventional […]

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Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) With Storage Can Benefit the Grid

The evidence is piling up that when the real value of energy is considered, electricity generated from concentrating solar power (CSP) plants with storage capability outperforms solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind power. Rigorous research studies cited throughout The Economic and Reliability Benefits of CSP With Thermal Energy Storage: Recent Studies and Research Needs, a report […]

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