Iberdrola and Exiom inaugurate their photovoltaic solar panel factory in Spain in spring

Iberdrola and Exiom will inaugurate this spring the first large solar panel factory in Spain, located in the Asturian municipality of Langreo, with which both companies seek, among other objectives, to reinforce their commitment to the economic reactivation of the mining basins.

The project, which has funding from the Institute for the Just Transition (ITJ), an autonomous body of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, aims to turn Spain into the “tip of the spear” to lead this emerging sector in Europe.

The initiative has a subsidy of 1.2 million euros from the ITJ through the program aimed at job-generating business projects that promote the alternative development of just transition zones, corresponding to the 2023 call.

The opening of this new factory responds to the interest of these companies in achieving competitive manufacturing at the European Union level, focused in a first phase on solar panels with the possibility of extending the collaboration to other components of the value chain.

Exiom, a manufacturer with 100% Spanish capital, originating in Asturias, is a business group dedicated to photovoltaic energy with more than fourteen years of experience in the sector, and currently has two solar panel manufacturing centers in China.

In addition, it also has a factory of steel structures for photovoltaic parks located in Langreo.