Statkraft plans to build 492 MW photovoltaic plant in Spain

Statkraft has submitted plans to build a 492 MW solar photovoltaic complex in Extremadura.

The company made the announcement on Wednesday as it inaugurated its 55.2 MWp Talayuela II solar park in the region. He said he would invest some €295 million in the gigantic complex, which will be known as Zajuril.

The Zajuril project will build four solar parks: Pinea of 150 MW, Calzadilla of 114 MW, Ahigal Cerezo of 137 MW and Guijo of 91 MW of installed capacity. These four subprojects are currently in the initial permitting stages, Statkraft’s Spanish unit said.

The Zajuril solar parks are expected to come online in 2028.

Statkraft Spain highlights Extremadura as an important destination for its activity in the country. There the company built the Talayuela I solar park, which is no longer its property, and Talayuela II. Among its plans is to add a 21.6 MW battery energy storage system to Talayuela II.