Wind power in Argentina, the wind turbines of the new YPF Luz wind farm arrive

The components of the wind turbines of the new YPF Luz wind farm, the fourth of the national company, began to arrive in the Córdoba town of General Levalle.

Transport will be carried out until mid-May, with new arrivals each week, using large specialized trucks traveling at reduced speed.

This logistics does not involve road closures or access, and is carried out with all the corresponding traffic permits, granted by National Highways and Provincial Highways.

At the end of February you will be able to witness the assembly of the first wind turbine of the General Levalle Wind Farm, which will have a total height of 204 meters, equivalent to the height of three obelisks.

Among the main characteristics of the wind turbines that arrive at General Levalle are their maximum power (6.2 MW), the length of the blades (79.35 m), the swept area (20,612 m²) and the height of the blades. hub (joining piece between the blades and the main shaft, 125 m).

The park will have 25 wind turbines and will have an installed capacity of 155 MW, equivalent to the consumption of more than 190,000 homes and will reduce 350,000 tons of CO2 per year.

It will be divided into two construction stages: the General Levalle I Wind Farm, of 62 MW with 10 wind turbines; and the General Levalle II Wind Farm, of 93MW, with 15 wind turbines.

After the arrival of the components, the assembly of the turbines will begin, which will take approximately six months of work; and the last stage will consist of the configuration, testing and commissioning phase.

Created in 2013, YPF Luz is an electricity generating company with an installed capacity of 3.2GW that supplies the wholesale market and Argentine industries.