Türkiye is one of Europe’s leading countries in wind energy

While the Global Wind Energy Council pointed out that the terawatt era will begin in global wind energy installed power at the end of 2023, Turkey stood out as the 5th largest wind industry in Europe. The company, which started Turkey’s wind energy equipment production and export, is preparing to celebrate its 2024th anniversary in 50.

While investments in clean and renewable energy are gaining momentum in Turkey, according to Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB) data, the share of wind energy in electricity production exceeded 12% with an installed power of more than 11 gigawatts. It was also observed that Turkey, which hosts Europe’s 5th largest wind industry, reached 44 countries with the export of wind energy equipment. Çolak Holding, which will be celebrating its 2024th anniversary in 50, has played a leading role in converting wind into energy in Turkey and opened the door to the development of the wind industry with its SoyutWind brand, stood out among the architects of this success.

Sharing his 50th anniversary messages, Hasan Çolak, Founder and Honorary Chairman of Çolak Holding, said: “As I am a mechanical engineer, Çolak Holding has been operating mainly in the machinery production and engineering sectors, as well as in the fields of construction – contracting, energy, finance and foreign trade since the day it was founded. Our registered trademark “SOYUT” celebrates its 2024th anniversary as of 50. As Çolak Holding, which was established in 1974 and played a leading role in the development of wind energy in our country in the early 2000s, when the legal framework was not yet drawn up, and as SoyutWind, our subsidiary in the field of energy, we are happy with the position the sector has reached. “As we enter the new century of our Republic, we are proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary,” he said.

Produced and exported Turkey’s first wind turbine

In TÜREB data, it was seen that Turkey exported 75% of the wind equipment it produced. On the other hand, it was estimated by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) that by the end of 2023, the global installed power will reach 1 terawatt and the terawatt era will begin in wind energy. Hasan Çolak stated that Turkey plays an important role in increasing the share of energy obtained from wind through its export of wind energy equipment.

“As Çolak Holding, which started wind turbine production in 2000, produced and installed the first unlicensed wind turbine with a power of 2004 kilowatts in 250 under the SoyutWind brand and achieved the success of becoming the first exporter of this product, we find the progress our country has made in the field of wind energy in a short period of 20 years remarkable. . Çolak Holding’s SoyutWind brand, which focuses on the wind industry, crowns this success with firsts, of which it is one of the signatories. In 2020, we became the first company to produce a domestic permanent magnet generator (PMG) with a power of 50 kilowatts. In the same year, we started manufacturing home-type wind turbines to meet increasing user demand. “At the same time, we provide repair, service and maintenance services for second-hand refurbished turbines, which are frequently used by those who want to invest in wind energy due to the increasing costs of zero wind turbine production.”

“An independent, sustainable, clean life”

Emphasizing that they have been working in different fields of energy such as coal power plants, hydroelectric power plants and solar energy since 1974, Hasan Çolak said, “We started R&D activities with a German team in 1998 and produced Turkey’s first wind turbine in 2000. Even though the tests and trials were very arduous, we were rewarded for our efforts. Recently, after approximately 2 years of R&D work, we have been turning to the production of small power home wind turbines under the SoyutWind brand. Because the demand from individual users is increasing. Home-type turbines, which allow everyone to start producing clean energy by installing a 3, 5, 10 kilowatt wind turbine in their own home, enable individuals to live a more independent, sustainable and cleaner life. “In addition, the mechanical water pumps that meet the water needs of houses, farmers and irrigation cooperatives with wind power under our Soyut WindMill brand, and the mobile living spaces we produce under the Soyut Karavan brand, support the idea of ??independent, environmentally friendly, sustainable and clean living.”

It will bring female engineers to the wind industry in its 50th year.

Çolak Holding Founder and Honorary President Hasan Çolak, who emphasized that the hard work of qualified engineers who graduated from Turkey’s best universities has an important share behind the successes they have achieved in 50 years as Çolak Holding, concluded his 50th anniversary evaluations with the following statements:

“Focusing on operating with the ethical values ??it adopts and the ‘clean technology, clean society’ approach and believing that sustainable prosperity can only be achieved in this way, Çolak Holding will focus on clean technologies, R&D activities of environmentally friendly products and enterprises in Turkey and different regions of the world as of 50, when it will celebrate its 2024th anniversary.” will focus on capital investments. In addition, in our 50th year, as Çolak Holding, which creates employment by producing with domestic technology, with the awareness that leading companies have social responsibilities, we will undertake a social responsibility project to increase the number of female engineers in Turkey. We hope that women will contribute more to the Turkish industry by receiving engineering education. In this context, we are preparing a basic program just for pre-university girls, where they can learn wind turbine production. “In this period when global efforts for a sustainable and green future are increasing, Çolak Holding, SoyutWind and our other subsidiaries will continue to support the installed wind energy power of both our country and the world with production and exports.”