Van Oord prepares for next-generation offshore wind components

Van Oord, a leading Dutch marine contractor, is preparing its offshore installation vessel, Svanen, for the next generation of wind turbine components for offshore wind. As demand for clean energy continues to rise, offshore wind farms are becoming increasingly popular. Van Oord recognizes the need to improve infrastructure and technology to support the sector and is taking steps to be at the forefront of these developments.

Van Oord’s Svanen is a unique crane vessel specially designed for the installation of offshore wind turbines. With a lifting capacity of 8,000 tons, it has successfully installed numerous wind farms in various locations around the world. However, as the offshore wind industry evolves, new challenges and requirements arise.

To meet these demands, Van Oord is upgrading the Svanen so that it can handle the next generation of offshore wind components. This includes larger, heavier wind turbines, longer, heavier blades, and larger foundations. The vessel is being retrofitted with a new crane that will significantly increase its lifting capacity, allowing it to handle the larger components needed for the latest wind farm projects.

With the improved capabilities, Svanen will be able to install next-generation wind turbines and their components more efficiently and effectively. This is crucial to meet the growing demands of the offshore wind industry and further drive the transition towards sustainable energy sources.
Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Van Oord’s Svanen?

A: Van Oord’s Svanen is an offshore installation vessel designed for the installation of offshore wind turbines.

Q: Why is Van Oord improving Svanen?

A: Van Oord is upgrading the Svanen so it can handle the next generation of offshore wind components, including larger turbines, longer blades and larger foundations.

Q: What are the benefits of Svanen upgrades?

A: The upgrades will increase the lifting capacity of the vessel, allowing it to handle larger and heavier wind components. This will allow for a more efficient and effective installation of next generation wind farms.

Q: What role does Van Oord play in the offshore wind industry?

A: Van Oord is a leading Dutch marine contractor specializing in the construction and installation of offshore wind farms. They are at the forefront of technological advancements and infrastructure development in the industry.

Daniel Hall