Onshore wind energy secures sustainable low-cost power

In the discussion about state subsidies for business energy, ENERCON CCO Ulrich Schulze Südhoff points to the expansion of onshore wind energy as a long-term solution. At the Handelsblatt Industrial Summit 2023 in Minden (7–8 December) today, he highlighted the role of onshore wind energy as a partner to business and industry: ‘Onshore wind is the most cost-effective means of energy production, which makes it an important factor for the economy. As a partner to business and industry, we are ready tocontribute at the local level to a competitive, reliable energy supply and thelong-term viability of industry locations.’

Land that is near industrial sites, owned by industrial companies or publicly owned could be used for decentralised wind farms as an important pillar of a low-cost, renewable, independent and reliable business energy supply in Germany and Europe. ‘The quicker such land at suitable locations can be zoned for wind power and projects can be developed together with local actors, the sooner such projects will be able to secure the industrial production at that location’, said the ENERCON COO.

State subsidies may be appropriate as a temporary immediate measure, he added, but they would not ensure the long-term viability of industry locations. ‘They fail to eliminate the actual problem’,said Schulze Südhoff. ‘In the midst of the transformation, the industrial sector is finding itself without a secure, low-cost energy supply. This can only be achieved through a massive acceleration of the expansion of renewable energies – with onshore wind energy as the workhorse. We have already realised successful projects with customers from the industrial sector. These wind farms have been supplying reliable low-cost green power to these industry locations for years. A partnership between wind energy and industry provides the optimal elements for a successful scheme that will retain industrial businesses who have switched to climate-friendly production.’