Vestas introduces revolutionary 15 MW offshore wind turbine

Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has achieved a major milestone with the successful certification of its V236-15.0 MW offshore wind turbine. This innovative prototype was installed at the Østerild National Test Center in Denmark in December 2022 and exceeded expectations during its testing phase.

With impressive capacities, the V236-15.0 MW turbine reached its nominal power of 15 MW just three months after installation. In August, it set a new world record by generating 363 megawatt-hours of power in a 24-hour period, cementing its position as a leading player in the offshore wind industry.

Anne Vedel, senior vice president of product solutions and integration at Vestas, expressed her excitement, saying: “The type certificate is a critical milestone. “It demonstrates that the V236-15.0 MW is ready for commercial use, ensuring safety, quality and regulatory compliance.”

The prototype development process involved several Vestas facilities in Denmark. The blade molds were created at the Vestas blade factory in Lem, while the 115.5 meter long blade prototypes were manufactured at the offshore blade factory in Nakskov. The prototype nacelle, an essential component housing the turbine generator and other key elements, was developed and assembled at the offshore nacelle factory in the port of Odense in Lindø.

Testing for the integration of the generator, converter and grid system has begun at the modern LORC (Lindø Offshore Renewable Center) test facility, further ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the V236-15.0 MW turbine.

With an imposing height of 280 meters, the V236-15.0 MW turbine has an impressive production of 80 GWh per year. Its innovative design and exceptional performance make it an ideal choice for offshore wind farms.

In 2024, Vestas plans to debut this next-generation wind turbine at the Frederikshavn wind farm, located off the coast of Denmark. This deployment will mark a significant step forward in harnessing the North Sea’s abundant wind resources and meeting growing demand for clean energy.
Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the rated power of the Vestas V236-15.0 MW offshore wind turbine?

The V236-15.0 MW offshore wind turbine has a nominal power of 15 MW.

  1. Where was the prototype installed?

The prototype was installed at the Østerild National Test Center in western Jutland, Denmark.

  1. What world record was set by the V236-15.0 MW turbine?

In August, the V236-15.0 MW turbine set a world record for the highest power output from a single wind turbine in 24 hours, generating 363 megawatt-hours of power.

  1. When and where will the turbine make its offshore debut?

The V236-15.0 MW turbine is scheduled to make its offshore debut in 2024 at the Frederikshavn wind farm off the coast of Denmark.

By Daniel Hall