Centralized wind power and solar will add 7 GW of installed capacity in 2023 alone in Brazil

Only Rio Grande do Norte, Bahia and Minas Gerais have 5.7 GW installed in the year.In October, Brazil approached 8 gigawatts (GW) in generation projects opened in 2023, concluding the month with an expansion of 7,799.1 megawatts (MW) registered with the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) throughout the year. anus. Two sources, centralized wind and solar, accounted for 89.8% of this increase, with 7,007.4 MW coming into operation in the last 10 months.The expansion of the electrical matrix was verified until October in 19 states of the five Brazilian regions. In descending order, the highest results until 10/31 were the states of Rio Grande do Norte (1,957.1 MW), Bahia (1,934.0 MW) and Minas Gerais (1,815.7 MW). In October, Rio Grande do Norte achieved the largest jump, of 161.4 MW, closely followed by Piauí (153.9 MW), Bahía (152.5 MW) and Pernambuco (150.0 MW). With a 21.5 MW thermoelectric plant, Mato Grosso do Sul completes the list of installed power growth in the month.Installed capacityBrazil totaled 195,718.1 MW of inspected power, according to data from ANEEL’s Generation Information System, SIGA, updated daily with data from plants in operation and awarded projects in the construction phase. Of this total in operation, according to SIGA, 83.8% of the plants are considered renewable.ANEEL updates the country’s generation data daily through the ANEEL Generation Information System, SIGA. Presents data on plants in operation and awarded projects in the construction phase.Other information on monitoring the expansion of generation supply is available on interactive panels at www.aneel.gov.br/acompramento-da-expansao-da-oferta-de-geracao-de-energia-eletrica. These panels, updated monthly, show the forecast for the entry of new generating units in the coming years. They also provide a history of generational expansion since the creation of ANEEL (1997). In addition to the panels, a database is also available with information on forecasting and monitoring of works on projects granted for construction.