Saudi Arabia Investors to Build Wind Power Plant in Kazakhstan

In a high-level meeting focused on advancing collaborative investment ventures with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Nov. 14, Kazakh Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov revealed plans for the development of a wind power plant boasting a one-gigawatt capacity in the Zhetisu Region, reported the Prime Minister’s press service.
Currently in the preparatory stages, the plant’s construction will commence in 2025, pending final agreement on all details. Prime Minister Smailov has issued directives to expedite administrative processes and promptly address essential decisions from central government bodies on both sides.

Smailov emphasized the imperative to elevate collaborative efforts across all levels by highlighting the critical nature of engagement with Saudi investors. This includes proactive involvement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Kazakh diplomatic mission in Jeddah, Kazakh Invest national company, and other appropriate government bodies. A thorough examination of the potential project portfolio was underscored as part of the strategy.
To facilitate enhanced interaction and exploration of opportunities, Smailov instructed to organize a business forum to bring together entrepreneurs from Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan on the eve of the upcoming meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission.