Mainstream and Hexicon seeks to build gigawatt-scale floating wind farm off Sweden

Freja Offshore, a joint venture between Aker Horizons-controlled Mainstream Renewable Power and Stockholm-based floating wind developer Hexicon, has submitted plans for another 2.5 GW floating wind power in Swedish waters.

The wind farm called Dyning will be able to deliver 10 TWh annually which can supply more than the entire energy need of the regions Sörmland and Östergötland in Sweden.

With its location 45 km offshore, between the mainland and Gotland, the wind farm will barely be visible from land, the developers said.

In April, Freja Offshore applied for a 2.5 GW floating wind farm 40 km off the west coast of Orust. This was followed by plans for a 2 GW bottom-fixed project in Sweden’s economic zone about 50km southeast of Karlskrona.

“It is gratifying that our project portfolio is reaching new milestones, and that we continue to strengthen our presence in our home market. The continued expansion of Swedish wind power is positive in many ways, as it will not only increase the supply of renewable energy, but also benefit local communities. Furthermore, the expansion will reduce dependence on imported electricity,” said Marcus Thor, CEO of Hexicon.

The electricity consumption in Sörmland is expected to double in the next 20 years, not the least due to the industry’s transition to electric power, where the global steel company SSAB is a leading player. In addition, the general societal need for energy is expected to increase with the electrification.