Envision develops 653.4 MW of wind power in India

Envision Energy, a global leader in wind turbines announced on Thursday that it has secured a major wind farm from JSW Energy in India. The project, which is expected to come online in a phased manner by the end of 2024, will have a capacity of 653.4 megawatts (MW) and will contribute to India’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions.

The wind energy park will be developed in Karnataka and Maharashtra and will produce 2,200 gigawatt hours (GWh) of clean energy. To achieve this, Envision Energy will provide 198 units of its EN 156-3.3 MW wind turbines. With this project, the company aims to play a key role in increasing renewable energy capacity in both states.

While financial details of the project were not disclosed, the collaboration with JSW Energy emphasizes the importance of working together to accelerate the transition to green energy. Kane Xu, global vice president of Envision Energy and president of Envision Energy India, highlighted the association’s commitment to addressing the challenges posed by the climate crisis.

Envision Energy specializes in the design, manufacturing and operation of smart wind turbines and energy storage systems. Additionally, the company offers green hydrogen solutions, further contributing to the shift towards sustainable energy sources. In India, Envision Energy has already successfully commissioned 330 MW of wind projects.

This wind project represents a significant step towards India’s renewable energy goals and demonstrates the growing importance of collaboration in the transition to a sustainable future. With its expertise in wind energy solutions, Envision Energy is poised to make a substantial contribution to India’s clean energy efforts.