Acciona Energia proposes its fourth wind farm in Victoria

Acciona Energía, a major Spanish energy company, has submitted a proposal for a fourth wind farm in Victoria to meet the growing demand for wind power. The Nyaninyuk wind farm would be located to the west of Mt Beckworth and would consist of 58 Nordex wind turbines. This is half the number of wind turbines at the company’s neighboring Waubra wind farm. The Nyaninyuk wind farm would produce 330 megawatts of renewable wind power.

Acciona Energia plans to submit its proposed Environmental Impact Statement later this year, with formal consultation expected to begin next year. This proposal comes amid multiple wind farm proposals in South West Victoria.

The mayor of the Pyrenees Shire, Ron Eason, expressed his support for wind farms as a source of energy for the future. He stressed the importance of adhering to regulations and requirements and ensuring affected communities and residents are consulted.

Melanie Sutton, Acciona Energy’s director of policy, said the project is still in its early stages and specific details, such as the location of the turbines, have yet to be determined. The company is exploring various options to connect power from the wind farm to the grid, with a preference for the Waubra North substation.

In addition to the Acciona Energía proposal, there have been discussions about a major offshore wind farm project in the region. The federal government has been meeting with residents to gather feedback on this project. Concerns have also been raised about the Willatook wind farm, including possible impacts on endangered animals such as the brolga. Victoria’s planning minister has released new environmental recommendations for the project, which have raised concerns about the future of proposed wind farms in the region.

Wind power is considered vital to meeting Victoria’s clean energy targets. The southwestern region of Victoria is known for its strong wind resources, making it an ideal location for wind energy production.

Daniel Hall