Iberdrola finished its first substation for offshore wind power in the United States

  • Company offers exclusive first look at the new substation, which will deliver power from 62 wind turbines generators and power 400K homes
  • Substation is the largest ever installed by the Iberdrola’s global portfolio of offshore wind farms

Avangrid (NYSE: AGR), a leading sustainable energy company and part of the Iberdrola Group, has unveiled the country’s first offshore wind substation at its Vineyard Wind 1 project, the first large-scale offshore wind farm in the U.S. The company was joined by key stakeholders to offer an exclusive first look at the new substation and the ongoing construction off the coast of Massachusetts.

“This marks another exciting milestone as we move closer to delivering offshore wind power to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,” said Pedro Azagra, Avangrid CEO. “We’ve been waiting for the opportunity to showcase the hard work our team has been putting in behind the scenes to make Vineyard Wind 1 a reality. This project is pioneering the offshore wind industry for the United States and paving the way for the country’s clean energy future.” 

Avangrid’s Vineyard Wind 1 offshore substation will collect power generated by the project’s 62 wind turbine generators and bring it to the onshore power grid through two export cables. Vineyard Wind 1 is expected to deliver power before the end of this year and, once completed, the facility will generate 806 MW of clean, renewable energy to power more than 400,000 homes and businesses in Massachusetts.

The substation is the first one ever installed in the U.S. and the sixth and largest in the Iberdrola Group’s global fleet to date. So far, Iberdrola has installed five other substations at its West of Duddon Sands (UK), Wikinger (Germany), East Anglia One (UK), St. Brieuc (France), and Baltic Eagle (Germany) offshore wind farms.