Floating wind energy in the Asia Pacific

Offshore wind is a low cost, reliable technology that delivers significant economic benefits through manufacturing and operation, and importantly can be deployed rapidly at scale.

For many countries however, “traditional” bottom-fixed is either not an option, or has limited potential. Deeper waters are the norm around most of our global coastline meaning that floating offshore wind removes barriers for a huge amount of countries who have the wind resource but lack a shallower seabed. Already we are seeing the emergence of floating offshore wind markets in a number of countries.

Interest in floating wind continues to grow, with a projected growth of 16.5 GW by 2030, and this includes the Asia Pacific, with countries such as Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and New Zealand showing. At this year’s APAC Summit, we look into the floating market in Australia and beyond…

Day 1, August 29 [16:45-17:30]Forum Session: Floating market in APAC: Potential, Challenges and Future ForecastEmbark on a captivating journey into the vast opportunities that lie within the APAC region’s deeper waters, situated near major load centers.
Join our panel discussion with GWEC’s Director of Global Public Affairs – Offshore Wind (on secondment), Principal Power, BlueFloat Energy,Copenhagen Offshore Partners, Ocean Winds, Corio Generation as we uncover the immense potential for floating offshore wind in regions such as New South Wales, Korea, California, and New Zealand.
These floating wind technology leaders will discuss how these strategic locations, with their abundant wind resources and proximity to high-demand areas, can revolutionize the renewable energy landscape. Engage with industry experts as they explore the unique challenges and solutions specific to these regions, discussing regulatory frameworks, market dynamics, and technological innovations. Moderator: Amisha Patel, Director of Global Public Affairs – Offshore Wind, GWECAaron Smith, Chief Commercial Officer, Principle PowerNick Sankey, Country Manager for Australia, BlueFloat EnergyJonathan Spink, CEO Haewoori Offshore Wind Farm, Copenhagen Offshore Partners  Pelayo Rodriguez, Japan Representative and Senior Business Initiatives Manager, Ocean WindsSonja Indrebo, Head of Offshore Floating Wind, Corio Generation
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Day 2, August 30 [16:00-16:45] Floating Keynote Session: Floating Wind and its Potential in AustraliaIn GWEC’s report on Offshore Wind – Technical Potential, Australia was noted to have 3391 GW of potential offshore floating wind to 1572 GW of potential offshore fixed wind, and was noted as one of the top 4 markets in Asia in terms of potential. Join us and industry experts from Saitec Offshore Technologies, Skyborn Renewables Australia and Equinor as we talk shop about Australia’s own huge floating wind potential. We’ll cover everything from infrastructure, manufacturing and business opportunities for local communities to barriers and challenges that developers and the government could face.Moderator: Amisha Patel, Director of Global Public Affairs – Offshore Wind, GWECDavid Carrascosa, Director of Operations, Saitec Offshore TechnologiesMirjam Tome, Managing Director, Skyborn Renewables AustraliaRajnish Sharma, Director of Project Management, Equinor
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