Capital Energy and Statkraft sign their fifth PPA in Spain for the 51-megawatt La Herrada wind farm

After the previously sealed agreements between both companies for the Las Tadeas, Buseco and Loma de los Pinos wind farms, as well as for the La Solana photovoltaic plant.
The agreement, valid for 10 years, contemplates the sale of all the energy produced by this Albacete wind farm, the first being built by Capital Energy in Castilla-La Mancha, which will be around 130,000 megawatt hours (MWh) per year.
The start-up of La Herrada will involve an investment of around 53 million euros and will lead to the creation of more than 170 direct jobs during the peak periods of the works, which began last May
Capital Energy, a Spanish energy company born more than two decades ago and whose vocation is to become the first 100% vertically integrated renewable operator in the Iberian Peninsula, has just signed its fifth Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in Spain with Statkraft, the largest renewable energy generator in Europe.

Specifically, this latest agreement signed by both companies is valid for 10 years and contemplates the sale to Statkraft of all the electrical energy produced by the La Herrada wind farm in Albacete, the first that Capital Energy builds in Castilla-La Mancha and which has an access power of 51 megawatts (MW).

Located in Montealegre del Castillo, the 10 wind turbines of this facility will be capable of supplying around 130,000 megawatt hours (MWh) per year, enough to satisfy the consumption of more than 48,000 Castilian-Lamancha homes with clean electricity, as well as to prevent the emission into the atmosphere of more than 47,000 tons of CO2 each year.

The commissioning of this facility, whose works began last May, will involve an investment of around 53 million euros and will lead to the creation of more than 170 direct jobs during the peak periods of the works. In the operation and maintenance phase, it is expected to provide stable, quality employment to seven professionals in the area and also contribute to the generation of six indirect jobs.

Thanks to this new contract signed with Statkraft, Capital Energy continues to strengthen the financial structure of its renewable plants. Previously, both companies had signed similar long-term power purchase agreements for four other facilities: the Las Tadeas (Castilla y León), Buseco (Asturias) and Loma de los Pinos (Andalusia) wind farms and the La Solana (Extremadura) photovoltaic plant, the latter three of which are owned jointly with the Austrian electricity company Verbund.

According to Juan José Sánchez, CEO of Capital Energy, “the signing of this new agreement for the La Herrada wind farm with a company of the relevance of Statkraft represents, without a doubt, an important milestone for our company, which continues to take steps to strengthen, from all points of view, its 100% sustainable and digital project based on renewable energies”.

For his part, Tiago Thomaz, Origination Director of Statkraft Iberia, explains that “we are very satisfied with this new collaboration with Capital Energy, which allows us to continue diversifying our renewable portfolio in the Iberian Peninsula. Thanks to agreements like this, we can adapt to the needs of our customers, while promoting the deployment of new renewable facilities in Spain, ensuring the purchase of their production”.
Positive impact on the territory

La Herrada will bring benefits associated with the Capital Energy Territories Project, an initiative that combines its contribution to the decarbonisation of the economy and the transformation of the energy model with its desire to promote growth in the different territories, relying on local talent and strengthening the social, industrial and business fabric of each area.

And it is that the energy company has signed with the City Council of Montealegre del Castillo the first collaboration agreement of this type in Castilla-La Mancha, by virtue of which it undertakes to promote different actions agreed between the parties and that will be adjusted to the needs of the aforementioned town in Albacete.

The first Capital Energy wind farm in this region will have a contribution to GDP throughout its useful life equivalent to almost 1.4 million euros per year and an annual tax contribution to local coffers of more than 150,000 euros. To this recurring amount will be added the punctual payment of the ICIO and other fees, which could exceed one million euros.

Statkraft is a leading international hydroelectric generation company and the largest renewable producer in Europe. The group produces hydroelectric, wind, solar and gas energy.